RGB strips
RGB strips
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  • 1-to-3 Splitter Cable for Addressable RGB LED Fan
  • 3-pin 1-to-3 Addressable RGB connector Cable Splitter for MasterFan Addressable RGB Fans.
  • Compatible with ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASROCK Addressable RGB motherboards.
  • Mode switch button -switch between 6 lighting effects Star, static, color cycle, color cycle Breathing, mirage and Breathing
  • Color switch button - switch between 7 vibrant colors across all connect devices
  • Brightness button - adjust your LED lights between 5 different brightness levels
  • No software required - No RGB motherboard required
  • Ideal for RGB case, coolers and radiators fans
  • 1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cable
  • Extend Multiple RGB LED fans and LED Strips
  • Flexible 58 cm or 22.83 inches in Length for Cable Routing
  • 5-pin and 4-pin RGB Header Compatibility
  • Both 4-pin RGB Header and 5-pin RGBW Header Without Requiring Any Adapter
  • Easy install and Removal for your computer case
  • LED illumination- delivers more light for a uniform and even light Display
  • Brightness - LED lights up instantly and shines through temper glass panel and dark side panels
  • Installation- 4 pin RGB connector (connect up to 4 LED RGB strips to a single 4Pin RGB connector)
  • RGB lighting- up to 16 million color combinations (RGB controller required)